Fool me once…

Ooh, I hate to do this.

I’ve had a serious man-crush on Paul Krugman for at least a year now. I think the guy’s brilliant. Anyone who knows me or reads this space regularly knows that well by now.

Trouble is, today he’s just flat out wrong about something, and it tears me up inside. In Paul’s latest NY Times column he talks about the Bush Administration and campaign deceiving the voters over the existence of WMD in Iraq and the state of the new Iraqi military and their ability to take over policing the country and compares this deception with the current deception the Administration is engaged in regarding the need to dump the current Social Security system in favor of private retirement accounts. The problem is that Paul’s got the wrong target in his sights.

That Bush, his Administration or his campaign deceived the voters is, ultimately, not that big of a deal. Politicians lie. It’s what they do. Bill Clinton lied. Dubya’s father lied. And trust me, mytho-history not withstanding, George Washington lied. It’s what they do. Some might even say lying is crucial to the execution of the office of President in this country.

No, it’s not that the Administration is engaged in deception that we have to worry about, because they do it pretty badly. The problem is that we apparently live in a nation of dimwits who will literally buy anything they are sold, so long as they like the salesman.

Knowing that there were no WMDs in Iraq didn’t take access to special secret knowledge. It didn’t take a big overdeveloped economist’s brain. The information was right there, in plain sight, in every major newspaper and newsmagazine in the country. It was on TV (provided you weren’t watching the FOX network – but then again, if you’re watching that then you’re just a relentless dipshit and we should probably keep you away from sharp objects, heavy machinery and small children).

Nope. All it took was a halfway decent amount of common sense, and the ability to read and/or listen attentively. But so what. The functional halfwits that walk among us didn’t like that version of events, so they ignored them. You see, Paul, our problem is not that the President is a lying sack of shit. Our problem is that the people sitting next to us on the bus prefer his version of the world, his lies, to reality.

They’re dumb. And as I’ve said here before, you cannot defeat that dumbness. You can’t reason with it. You either accept it or your throw your weight behind making sure the next generation we allow to vote isn’t this mindblowingly stupid.

Paul, it’s time to give up on hoping anyone is going to do anything about the Bush Administration. The people, such as they are, don’t care.

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