And then there was one…

For the past week everyone seemingly wants to know what I think of the A’s trades of Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder. The answer is, not much.

I could be proven wrong, but sending Mulder to St. Louis just looks like a stupid deal for the Cardinals. Mulder lost over 10 mph off of his fastball in the latter half of the 2003 season. I don’t know about you, but he looked like a guy with a dead arm to me. If he wasn’t injured, which both he and the A’s maintain, then it’s in his head, and if that’s the case I fail to see how playing for another team will make much of a difference. Good riddance as far as I’m concerned.

As for Huddy, well it breaks my heart to see him go, but at least he went to a team where he will likely become even more dominant than he was in Oakland. The Braves are a perfect fit for Tim Hudson for a couple of reasons – for one they’ve got the best pitching coach in the majors. For another, in the National League, Huddy will get to hit. Go look up his college records. Huddy’s got a pretty mean bat when he gets to practice using it. This is a guy who may actually win a few games a season all by himself – holding the opposing team’s hitters to little or nothing and whacking in a run or two for his own team.

As one friend observed this week Barry Zito’s bummin’. Not only is Zito now the only veteran pitcher in the A’s rotation, but he’s got to be thinking “hey, why didn’t they trade me instead?” The answer is obvious. No takers. The A’s surely didn’t hang onto him because he was the best of the three.

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