Buy blue…

Much as I loathe the holiday season for all it’s consumptive excess (hey, I’m not much for religion either, but even an atheist can be appalled at the way our culture has turned a major religious holiday into into a consumer orgy), there’s no getting around the simple fact that people are going to be shopping ’til their dropping over the next few weeks.

So, while you’re indepting yourselves irresponsibly in an effort to convince your friends and loved ones that you care about them at least a little bit you might as well avoid feeding the beast (and no, I’m not talking about protecting small black children from George W’s spinal fluid cravings).

The good folks at have provided us with a nifty guide to where big retailers of a variety of goods contributed to political campaigns in this last election season. It’s rather unsurprising that Walmart, paragon of all that is evil in the retail world, handed over $2 million in campaign contributions to the GOP, or that BP, Exxon/Mobil and Chevron/Texaco were big donors to the Bush/Cheney campaign. You might find yourself figuring that no matter where you go in that mall this season you’ll find a Red State-Supporting corporate monolith. However, if you feel inclined to shop Barnes & Noble, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Shell Oil, Foot Locker, Anne Klein, or Bed Bath & Beyond this Xmas you can do so knowing that they forked over some serious contributions to the Democrats and the Kerry/Edwards campaign. And if you feel the need for some java, you can patronize the oft-maligned Starbucks in that mall with a clear conscience because they gave 100% of their political contributions this year to the Democrats.

If you need to hop on a plane to visit the folks back home this holiday season you can steer your Blue State-supporting dollars towards Jet Blue, Alaska Airlines, Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines with a clear conscience too. And if you’re like me and you’ll be shunning all this ho-ho-ho-ism in favor of a quiet holiday alone with the DVD player and some action movies or cheezy comedies you can do so without guilt, because Netflix went blue this election year too.

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