Holding my breath…

I’ve been uncharacteristically mute in the last couple of days about the election. This is partially because I’ve been busy doing a little GOTV volunteering, but mostly just because I’m nervous as a proverbial cat.

I’ve added a link to the Kerry website that shows the latest news there displayed on this page. Yes, their colors totally clash with the drapes here, but so what.

I wasn’t able to vote this morning because the line at my new polling place was absurdly long. I voted for the first time shortly after my 18th birthday and I’ve never missed an election since, local, state or national, and I’ve never seen lines this long or been forced to step out of one in order to get to work on time. Hopefully the line won’t be so long later today when I stop by on my way home from work.

Really though, this is just amazing.

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