Sleep tight, for once, Bill Buckner…

Ok, gotta find something good to say about the Red Sox winning the World Series…

um, uh… At least they got it over with quick? No. That won’t do.

Ok, how about this – as Jim Litke put it, now they’re just another overpriced ballclub. There will no longer be any free passes granted to Red Sox fans for their bad behavior. We can no longer forgive you Boston fans for behaving like boors when you’re in another team’s ballpark. You won one. The curse is lifted. Now shut the hell up and behave like adults.

One does have to wonder what odious trends this Red Sox thrashing of the Cardinals, and to be fair the Yankees, portend. Will ballclubs across the land seek ever younger and more bookish General Managers in an attempt to find their own Theo Epstein? Will basic fundamentals like defense go right out the window now that it’s been shown that you can not only win, but sweep a World Series making more errors than some little league teams? Are we in for another round of wide-spread ballplayer hair-crimes like we saw after the Oakland A’s beat the stuffing out of just about everyone for three years running in the early 1970s? Will the Damon-do or Kevin Millar’s faux-amish beard sweep the league next season?

And the big question – Will other major league clubs finally admit that Bill James knows what he’s talking about? Will Bill James be the subject of a bidding war all his own?

We shall see. We shall see, indeed.

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