It’s not that I’m narcissisistic, it’s just that the rest of the world is sorta boring…

Those of you who scroll all the way down to the bottom of this blog page have probably noticed that I added some advertising last week via Google Ads. I did this mostly out of curiosity. Blogger, the Google service I use to manage my posts here made an offer to allow me to include ads in my blog. The idea is that if anyone actually follows the links I get paid for giving them space on my blog. I’ve been puttering around with this interweb thingamabob since about 1993, posting my first blog, the original Weak In Rock, (before the term had even been coined), back in 1995. Along the way I’ve had several opportunities to theoretically make money from the Web. I’ve never made a dime, and I really don’t expect that pattern to change one bit, but I had to give it a shot. Lord knows I’d be slightly less of a sad sack if I was spending my time watching the waves lap some tropical beach every day instead of watching pixels move around on a computer monitor.

Anyway, the way this blog ad thing is supposed to work is that Google sniffs the text of your blog for certain keywords and then chooses appropriate ads related to what you’re writing about. So, with me sort of relentlessly bashing and skewering all things related to G.W. Bush and Co. you’d probably expect that I’d end up with ads for The Nation or Mother Jones or Michael Moore’s latest contribution to the relentlessly complainy zeitgeist of America today. You’d be wrong.

I’m amused by the ads that have floated at the bottom of this blog for the past week. There’s a link to, a book club called American Compass – who specialize in conservative books, Celsius 41.11 – a site devoted to debunking Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, and a conservative online polling site. I’m tempted to write about shaven scrotums and naked Britney Spears again just to get this crap off of my blog page. But I’m afraid then I’ll just end up with links to pro-censorship sites down there.

I’m reasonably certain there’s no right-wing conspiracy going on here. More than likely the Google AdSense engine just isn’t very sophisticated. It’s picking up on the number of times I namedrop G.W.B. and assumes that my content is skewed pro-GOP. One has to wonder what the AdSense engine will do with the amount of Van Halen-related content in today’s earlier post. Maybe I’ll end up with ads for Cabo Wabo tequila later this week.

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