CIA 9/11 report pigeonholed?…

Well, ain’t this a kicker?

For those of you who don’t want to register with the LA Times, here’s the text at The Regular.

If this report by Robert Sheer of the LA Times is true, the Bush Administration may have just stepped in it in a big way. Deliberately withholding information from Congress that the Congress has specifically requested in order to advance one’s fortunes in an upcoming election may be impeachable. At the very least it adds more evidence to the already massive pile that leads one to believe that the current administration is the most secretive and anal retentive since the Nixon Administration.

What should you do about this? Well, write to your favorite local and national news outlets for one thing and demand that they pursue this story with their own resources. For another you should contact your representatives in Congress and demand action on their part. Oh, and spread the word.

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