Still a total sucker for top ten lists…

From the Late Show, With David Letterman…

Top 10 President Bush Explanations For The Bulge In His Jacket:

10. It’s connected to an earpiece so Cheney can feed me answers–crap, I wasn’t supposed to say that.

9. It’s a device that shocks me every time I mispronounce a word.

8. Just a bunch of intelligence memos I haven’t gotten around to reading yet.

7. Mmm, delicious Muenster cheese.

6. John Kerry initially voted for the bulge in my jacket, then voted against it.

5. I’ll tell you exactly what it is–it’s a clear sign this economy is moving again.

4. Halliburton is drilling my back for oil.

3. Oh like you’ve never cheated in a presidential debate.

2. Accidentally took some of Governor Schwarzenegger’s ‘roids.

1. If Kerry’s gonna look like a horse, then I’m gonna look like a camel.

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