Some crumbs to follow…

I decided to update my links today. I figured I’d given more than enough space to Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton. Leaving their sites linked here wasn’t going to make it any more likely that either guy was going to be our next President, no matter how much I’d rather vote for them than any of the choices that will be available this November (and yes, that includes Ralph Nader, who is really starting to piss me off – but that’s grist for a later mill I suppose).

To summarize the new links…

I’ve been reading Boondocks for a couple of years now as regularly as I can (all the local papers in the bay area are relentless junk, so unless I check out Boondocks online I don’t see it). Linking it here will make me more likely to catch it every day. You should too.

This is not your father’s White House.

Want to really depress the hell out of yourself about the coming election. Check this out.

I’m a committed skeptic. A bit of incredulity is very healthy. The Skeptics Society helps those of us who basically just aren’t swallowing any of it (whatever it may be) remember that we’re not alone.

Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! is almost enough to get me to subscribe to Showtime.

Thanks to Mary Ellen for alerting me to the Athletics Nation. Now I’ll have somewhere to go when the A’s get skunked this week.

Independent record and comic stores are our last line of defense against the corporatization of our popular culture. Ok, probably not, but you should still check out Axis Records & Comics, and buy something while you’re there so Joe will be able to feed his cat.

We thought the Fracas van had been stolen this weekend. Turns out it had just be borrowed by one of our guitar players. D’oh!

I like Strychnine. Watching their bass player, Joe, play keeps me humble.

Bands like to talk about how they’ve paid their dues. Most are full of shit. The Black Furies aren’t. They’ve suffered enough for three bands. It’s either admirable or foolish of them to have stuck with it. I’m glad they did though.

Lemmy hurt his foot so their latest tour had to be postponed, which is fine by me. I really don’t like the Warfield Theater, so I’m hoping that when Motorhead reschedules they’ll play someplace I do like.

Zeke were supposed to open for Motorhead, and they’re a near-perfect opening act for Lemmy & Co. Zeke always make me smile.

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