Few things make me as queasy as thinking about military conscription. Conscription is a tool of despots and desparate nations. From the looks of this: http://blatanttruth.org/selective_service091304.pdf one of the above conditions definitely applies.

I’m leaning towards despotism myself, because regardless of all that’s happened in the last few years, we’re still not a country in desparate condition.

My guess is that were a draft to be reinstated the Bush camp is clever enough to know better than to even glance sideways at it until after the new year. So, here’s a campaign slogan –
Bush in 2004 = Draft in 2005.

I could be really glib about this and say “well, why do I care, I’m already too old even for an expanded draft that grabs everyone from 18 to 34.” But I really can’t be that glib. I will say this though, any 18 to 34 year old who votes for Dubya in November gets what they deserve if they find themselves conscripted next summer.

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